Now I’m pissed… and that’s not a good thing!

Isn’t it about time we crossed our t’s and dotted our i’s to remind ‘would-be’ and present politicians (most of them richer than you and I) that an election process is nothing more than a fancy, and very costly (to us, anyway) method of applying for a  J.O.B., nothing more, nothing less! Politicians take advantage of our sadly flawed political system to further their own political and/or economic agendas, and that’s just plain wrong!

A prime minister is not a God, nor is he/she endowed with super powers, or knowledge privy to the gods. The successful candidate, once ushered into the  J.O.B. becomes an employee of the people… a temporary one at best; not an entity, not a deity, nor even a decent human being, since that title needs to be earned to be worn!

Maybe we should revisit our collective bill of rights to amend the ‘hiring’ process to allow us to ‘fire’ an unworthy ie.’bad’ employee, like a prime minister, or a premier (please include aspiring premiers here) who’ve outgrown their shoes and/or garter belts, without having to cause socio-political upheaval. I guess we’d better stop our collective whining unless we’re all willing to pick up the slack to change the rules of the game.

Me? I’m bilingual, with another language or two in partial tow. I’m also a bilingual writer/translator, so I have few, if any problems understanding the debate process, regardless of the language in which it is aired, but when I hear a party leader, who aspires, and applies to become our next prime minister/premier or head bottle washer, refuse… I’ll say it again in case you missed it, REFUSE to hold a party leaders’ debate in English or in French, with questions that are burning my brain cells to be answered (and won’t even be asked), well, my ancestral roots begin to stew in their own sweat!

Notwithstanding their personal, business, political or professional qualities/shortcomings, if a potential employee refused to answer my interview questions in either of these two languages on the sole basis that it isn’t their mother tongue – languages that are, nonetheless, prevalent around here, thank you very much, I’d be showing them the proverbial door faster than my boot could connect with a backside wider than their compassion is deep for those whom they are ‘applying’ to serve!

Huh? Did you miss that? The key phrase here is ‘to serve the people’, not themselves, nor their political/business/personal amici.

Where did we go wrong, and why isn’t anyone correcting this anomaly? The answer lies in coin, as we used to say… or maybe the lack of it. It seems we are unable to elect an individual unless they are filthy rich, convincing liars and totally disconnected from any reality I’m a part of. So, I’m not declaring any political allegiance here, but I am lacing up my boots, since I’m one of their potential employers, as are you, and I’m pissed! I mean, I’m so pissed that I’m ranting… and that’s not good!

It’s time to stand up to our domestic terrorists (known as ‘politicians’ in polite circles) and tell them in no uncertain terms that WE are the people, and WE the people fund the coffers that line their wallets; We the people allowed them to get where they are, and WE the people will usher them right back out onto the streets from whence they came, unless they pledge allegiance to the very people they’re begging to be given a chance to serve.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m pissed… and now I’m ranting!