We are like the very adolescents we are supposed to be raising…

We haven’t yet learned from past mistakes, though we’ve made our share. We still allow ourselves to be governed by a caste of millionaire opportunists who know nothing of what it is like to live from one paycheck to the next, a caste that is privy to the best education money can buy, and that benefits from power endorsements made by public figures, rock musicians and union leaders… but sadly, too few come from those people they strive to govern, so few of them really know what they’re talking about.

Few have endured the hardships associated with poverty, and those who have dealt with declining health issues have either left us prematurely, or have sought solace in relative obscurity; themselves the victims of opportunistic predators.

We’ve allowed popular rhetoric to influence our votes, and complained for years thereafter. WE made our share of mistakes, the worst of which, in my humble view, was to have failed miserably in the task of educating and warning our youth against the consequences of sway and power shifts.

We need a champion of the people to shoulder the common cause, not one who has lined his/her election war chest with the debt of impossible promises and innuendo… one who believes in the souls he/she represents, in the dreams and aspirations that have built our nation, the traditions that line the hallways of our past; not the doctrines that strive to rip it apart.

We need a people’s champion… not another millionaire carpetbagger!

We are like adolescents who have yet to realize that our fathers were, at least in some small measure, right about something… mine always warned me against the ones who talked too much, the ones whose own popularity outweighed their concern for number one… well, in my book we’re number one, and anyone who is paid to represent us is an employee of the people… not a god.

When politicians launch their electoral campaigns by belittling the opponent, it says a lot about what they haven’t got to offer if elected.

Imagine a job candidate (because that is exactly what an election is all about, isn’t it?) who attempts to sell himself as the best candidate for the job by belittling everyone else who applied for it… isn’t that what we’ve witnessed so far? In my book, a candidate who needs to destroy the other to sell himself will place his/her interests ahead of the common good of the people who elected/hired him/her.. ahem!

Would you hire such a candidate? I thought not…

So… wake up Quebec, and enjoy our Labor-Day weekend! When we cast our votes this coming Tuesday, let us remember where we placed our ‘X’, because our children will live with the consequences of our misguided loyalties, the guilt of which our shoulders will bear for years to come!

Oh… one last thought to our boomers; Je me souviens… let us learn from the past, or we will once again be condemned to relive it, and our children’s children will pay for it.