First of the Month © 2006, by Michel A. Di Iorio

‘It’s time’, said the piper, ‘time to pay up’,
with a saccharine voice and his hair-raising smile.
The first of the month is a sanctioned hold-up
of moneyless wallets, with bills in a pile.

The phone has been ringing itself off the hook,
in brazen exhibits of capital shame.
Collectors conspire to get a good look
at the fool in arrears, who’s still playing the game!

The bills and subpoenas fill Pandora’s Box
with a stench born of too much abuse and neglect.
Acute paranoia sets into the locks
that are changed as a measure to curb disrespect.

The flags have been raised to ward-off parasites;
not a penny more lent leaves the cookie jar bare.
No friends to respond to infringed upon rights,
or console shattered nerves from a targeted scare.

The judges and lawyers conspire to relieve
what collectors and lenders have both overlooked.
With papers intended to stir and deceive,
They arrive to withdraw, having been overbooked!

The bailiffs attempt to uncover the stash;
with surprise as their weapon, they let themselves in.
They search, but the cookie jar’s fresh out of cash,
and the coffee’s been sweetened with cheap saccharine.

They leave empty-handed, without too much fuss,
but they vow to return when the pickings are ripe;
though the cupboard is bare, they’ll connive and they’ll cuss…
in lost monochrome arguments, tainted with snipe!

First of the Month © 2006, by Michel A. Di Iorio