MICHEL A. DI IORIO, EMS advanced training advocate, publicist and communications specialist, traded public persona and notoriety to practice a less flamboyant, though equally satisfying career at the turn of the century. He founded a bilingual vehicle under the moniker of ‘THE WRITE WORDS‘, where he now plies his trade as a wordsmith and translator, servicing the needs of his clients, both large and small… rich and poor… public and private. He writes and translates for those who do not know how, who cannot, who don’t have time or who simply aren’t very good writers. The very nature of his craft makes him a judicious counsellor.

30 + years in political, commercial and private arenas honed his oral and written communication skills to make him a respected communicator, whose opinions and advice are widely sought and highly valued. Seventeen of those years were devoted to combined emergency services, where a fluent pen earned him a seat on a dozen discussion committees, project selection and administrative boards of various regional business associations and chambers of commerce. These opportunities, when combined with the notoriety gained from active involvement as a communications specialist in provincial politics, helped pave the road to his vocation as a public writer and translator, where his combined skills command the admiration and respect of his peers.

A visionary in the field of communication, Michel adapted to a changing marketplace at the dawning of the new millennium with a comprehensive communication services package geared to small and medium-sized businesses, using an old-school personalized approach, and steadfast respect of client deadlines. At the unfolding of contemporary Web-related technologies, he grafted managed Web hosting and related services to his communication package in order to better service an evolving marketplace in search of new and easily accessible turnkey solutions.

He fully understands the political stakes and linguistic challenges of doing business in his native province, and Canada. For The Write Words, there simply isn’t a better choice!


Creative and business writing/text translation/revision/rewrites (English/French/English).

Michel has a solid background in business communication, EMS and politics. Born in Quebec, he masters both official languages of Canada with equal flair.

So, whether in Saint-Eustache, Lachine, the Eastern Townships or around the world, The Write Words are ready to launch your message…

The Write Words

“Changing the world, one word at a time!”

The Write Words / Les Mots Justes