Lonelier to Live © 2006 par Michel A. Di Iorio

A wise man once said… « It is lonelier to live with someone you love, who can’t love you back, than it is to live alone! » On the other hand, Emancipation Alley is a lonely road to walk…
We were children who played on the edge of tomorrow;
two Boomers who shared different rails of a track.
We grew up in shadows of laughter and sorrow;
too young to know better, too old to turn back!

We levied adventure with laughter and heartache,
collecting our moments of glory and fame.
The rails to adulthood were dubbed, ‘Give and Take’,
so, the taking was given in frolic and game.

We were cousins who knelt to convention’s device;
in a whim of nostalgia, we chose different mates.
Though the rails of our track intertwined once or twice,
on the journey of lovers, we lived different fates.

When our lives had extracted the sweat that was due,
the rails of our track paralleled once again.
It was time for a breather from life’s retinue;
with my dream as companion, I feathered my pen.

I penned many letters and verses in rhyme,
to describe what I’d veiled from both lovers and wives;
I’d pledged my true love to a dream, lost in time,
and despite our estrangement, yet still, it survives!

For a time, I enjoyed the illusion imagined,
my heart went to places I’d not yet explored.
But soon, it was time for the wings of the wind
to release me, in hopes that I’d find my ripcord.

So, our rails disentwined for the journey to end,
and I went on my way, in the stillness of night.
On the rail of my heart, I had left my best friend;
on the other, the tale of a hot summer night!

Lonelier To Live, © 2006 by Michel A. Di Iorio