Adrift © 2005, by Michel A. Di Iorio

Adrift on an ocean of castaway dreams,
my heart pens an essay ordained to portray
a record of promises, failures and schemes,
engraved in a lifetime of troubled array.

I’ve anchored my heart to the sins of my past,
and fashioned my raft from too many goodbyes.
The waves of humility grew to forecast
the tsunamis life sent me to purge and revise.

Regrets plague my acumen, tailored with shame,
as they color my heavens in shades of remorse.
My dreams turn to nightmares that burn in a flame
born of tormented scenes that I daren’t endorse.

I scream like a foghorn, though nobody hears
the distress in my voice as I wither and weep.
I search out the warmth of my own frosted tears
on my pillow; adrift in oblivious sleep.

Adrift © 2005, by Michel A. Di Iorio