Di Iorio… tout simplement  –  LE PLAN  –  Présentation

I launched this little blog with mixed feelings, and I’m not sure how it’ll turn out. What I am sure of is that I’ve got something of interest to deliver to both English and French language readers, and most of the creative process will be laid out for you in this blog. The creative writing portion will eventually be made available through the auspices of Amazon.com and its Kindle network, whereas the poetry section will be compiled and ultimately featured on my poetry website (Diiorio.ws) once this blog is up and running, so keep your eyes peeled for more…

While I hardly expect my fodder to divert the coveted Pulitzer or Gellar prizes from their deserving recipients, this little exercise will serve as mental calisthenics to provide the pillars upon which I/you/we could build an interesting yarn or three. It seems that I’ve been entrusted with a sacred mission to imagine/dream/write/publish and enthrall you as as a creative writer, a storyteller of renown, a raconteur of distinction… and a spinner of yarns, so you can bet your booty that I aim to thrill you, shock you, cradle and rock you in contemporary shades of Di Iorio… tout simplement!

I’ve been fulfilling this pledge on a slightly different plane for much of my adult life, but it’s usually been for the benefit of my clients; like the artist who needed The Write Words to paint the intricacies of his illusions in flowery prose, or the politician who recruited the dissatisfaction of a decade of frustration to tower over a prominent opponent, and the corporate mogul who managed to secure an increased market share in an undervalued marketplace; then there was the Arabian prince obsessed with the conquest of a sultry, redheaded maiden to whom he offered a desert kingdom in exchange for a generation of sons…

The calling to write played tri-dimensional tag with my emotions until I donned my writer’s plume and slung my proverbial ink wells over my shoulder in preparation for the adventure ahead; my quest, you might say! So, I decided it was time to search out that final windmill in my urban jungle. Would it lead me to fame and fortune, or straight to the very depths of hell? I just had to find out, so… the road ahead will likely be filled with potholes, crackpots and misadventure, but it’s bound to entertain the bored, alleviate the humdrum and fuel the imagination with prospects of things to come… or perhaps, of those that might have been!

So, why not escape the monotony, and join me on a romp through some of the chapters of my imagination; unless you’d prefer to polish a seat on the sidelines of boredom…

Hmmm… I didn’t think so! That’s why I booked you a front row seat! Let’s see where it leads us!

I’ll add to the fodder as ideas begin to unravel within the pages of my memory, so the posts may not always follow a regular pattern, nor do I guarantee that they will all be in English. My writing spans both French and English languages, so there’ll be something for both audiences. Consider Di Iorio… tout simplement as a voluntary exercise in bilingualism. Lovers of the written language won’t mind the linguistic diversity, and some of you may even find it stimulating.

Perhaps your insight will spur me on to even greater things, who knows? So hop onto my magic carpet and enjoy a tapestry of colourful thoughts, as painted through the magic of my words!

ALL ABOARD!!!  :-0